Written by Kendia Laramore

“The Donald” Responds to Snoop Dogg


Twitter is on fire right now and once again it’s all because “The Donald” is having a moment! Earlier this week Snoop Dog released a video to his remix of ‘Lavender’ in which he can be seen aiming a toy gun at a clown-like Donald Trump and the POTUS wasn’t pleased at all! He did what has become another anticipated MO of the president and took to his personal twitter account and had this to say:


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Gabourey Sidibe – “I’m Every Woman!”


33-year old Gabourey Sidibe is the poster child for “Unapologetically loving the skin you’re in,” and in a recent interview with People magazine she discussed why in spite of her appreciating her curves, the weight she had long carried, had to go!


She had battled anxiety, bulimia and depression, due to her parent’s split, but her biggest battle was her relationship with food. A trip to her doctor would reveal another battle to add to the number of fights she would have to win, which was to be the biggest yet, Gabby had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

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Rapstress Foxy Brown Gives Birth… And It’s A Girl!!!


Foxy Brown just pulled a Beyonce! The “Ill Na Na” artist whose real name is Inga Decarlo Fung Marchand, reportedly and according to Wendy Williams recently gave birth to a baby girl! Who even knew she was pregnant?!

Wendy spilled the beans on her show this morning saying:

“Literally, as I’m putting on my bracelet, the telephone rings, she conveyed to her audience, Congratulations to Foxy Brown. She had a baby girl!” (See more inside…)

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A True Definition of “Keep It In The Family”


Hallie Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law has given a new meaning to the phrase “family business”! She is the window of Joe’s late son Beau, who passed away from brain cancer in 2015, but now she’s dating her brother-in-law Hunter Biden!

Hunter , 47, who is still married to estranged wife Kathleen, with whom he shares three children told the press that:

“Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time, and that’s been obvious to the people who love us most, we’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way.” Hunter told reporters. Kathleen and Beau shared two children.

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2-Year Old Found Dead in Brandon Fla.


Gross negligence is the reason that 2-year old Jacob Manchengo is dead today. According to various news reports coming out of Brandon Florida, 21-year Fiorella Vanessa Silva-Tello reported for work at 9:30 am at her Daycare job and left her half brother alone in her Chevy Equinox.

Deputies in Brandon reported that Silva-Tello went into work at a daycare in the Oak Park Shopping Center in Brandon left Jacob in the vehicle for five hours without the air condition running forgetting that he was in the SUV. She didn’t discover what she did until more than five hours later when she returned to her vehicle and found her brother unresponsive.

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Remy Ma Drops “SHEther” Dissing Nicki Minaj


It’s nearly been 72 hours since we were all taken aback by the viciously laced lyrics of that bullet laden track aimed at Nicki Minaj called “Shether,” shot by Remy Ma. She came to snatch Brazilian barbie weaves, wigs, colorful cotton candy hair and all the illusions of a “mirage minaj” so you would know her poison is real and she did not come to play, she didn’t even leave the edges! (See more inside…)

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