Donald Trump

“The Donald” Responds to Snoop Dogg


Twitter is on fire right now and once again it’s all because “The Donald” is having a moment! Earlier this week Snoop Dog released a video to his remix of ‘Lavender’ in which he can be seen aiming a toy gun at a clown-like Donald Trump and the POTUS wasn’t pleased at all! He did what has become another anticipated MO of the president and took to his personal twitter account and had this to say:


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Has Everybody Had Their Fill Of Trump? 

After getting over the initial shock of the recent presidential decision, it’s evident that all of us are gonna have to accept Donald Trump as new head of the executive branch. We have all seen during the course of his campaign his outright bluntness and we have all heard and read his controversial views and plans for this country. I understand the concept of freedom of speech but when can you finally put a cork into Donald Trump? See more inside…

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