Celebrity stylist Troi Anthoni talks about the successes, struggles, and stars of the fashion industry.

Raised in New York City, celebrity fashion guru Troi Anthoni was groomed for fashion as a teen. After his quickly cultured youth, Anthoni opted to take his talents to the South, where he popped as a thriving street stylist. And starting off his client list with major celebs like Young Thug, Adrienne Bailon, Angela Simmons, this new fashion favorite has made some quick friends in the industry. We were able to catch up with fashion phenom to see whats next and whats new! (See more inside…)

BM: How would you describe your style?

TA: I love street style. You know, your everyday kind of style. I love my prints as well, I get a little “out there” with the prints. I put prints on prints. I also love monotones; all red, all white, all black…i guess my style varies, pending how I’m feeling.

BM: How did you get into fashion/design? Was it a passion that you always had?

TA: Oh yeah! With styling, i just like to enhance people’s looks. So basically, if I see someone who needs my assistance, I reach out. Sometimes they reach out to me. Either way, I just really enjoy styling people.

BM: Tell me about an interesting scenario you’ve had in the industry.

TA: The fun thing about me is people always call me for last minute events. They know i can pull off the job. Granted, they also know the price is going to go up significantly, haha! It gets pretty chaotic, but i love my job.

BM: You’ve styled Young Thug and his boo. How was it working with the couple?

TA: Well Young Thug is a daredevil, which is exciting all in itself. And his girlfriend is really sweet; so it all just came together wonderfully. He’s a really laid back kind of guy who knows fashion. So he really made it a great experience. I loved that shoot.

BM: Obviously in fashion, you deal with lots of divas and divos. How is it working with difficult clients? How do you handle them under pressure?

TA: I blend into any kind of situation. I adapt to everything and everyone at the time I encounter them. I think thats what keeps me consistent and keeps me working without an agency. You have to be able to connect with your client. If you can’t connect, or pull forth some kind of vibe, then you’re in trouble. You just have to make it happen.

BM: What do you think has been the greatest challenge, if anything, with your career thus far?

TA: I would say attempting to go as hard as i can. By being in Atlanta, there is a certain caliber of clientele that you’re going to get. So i have to outsource to LA or New York if i really want to seek growth sometimes, or to level up. Thats whats on my mind right now; leveling up. Ive been comfortable for way too long. Im in a different space. Location, location, location. Its very important. Im starting to get out there more, getting on the scene. I don’t wait on people to call me anymore, i go get it, and i bring them to me.

BM: What is something that your fans don’t know about you?

TA: I’m a pastor’s kid and the youngest of 8. A lot of people don’t know that. Same mom and dad. Im very humble and down to earth. Some people want to see me step outside of that. But growing up in the church, its difficult to be a bougie individual, it doesn’t even look right on me. What you see is what you get. Im just humbly climbing the ladder of success.

BM: We can’t talk about the struggles without talking about the successes. What has been the most uplifting and positive experience on your journey to date?

TA: Becoming friends with some people that I loved before I even met them. I mean, thats always positive; the love, getting callbacks from repeat clients, and becoming family with some of these people. Also, meeting people that you are inspired by and look up to is a very unique and wonderful experience. The possibilities are endless in this business, and those moments teach me that.

BM: What advice would you give someone who is looking to journey on the same path as you?

TA: I would say just study, study, study fashion. I didn’t really study fashion at first, I just went out on a limb. But now I’m getting really in tune with it and getting drowned in fashion. I would say focus. If you can, intern under a stylist to get hands on experience of the business. Sometimes you might think you want something, but then you get on set, and the chaos might turn you away. But just keep at it.

BM: If you weren’t a stylist, what would be your career?

TA: Maybe acting. I did a lot of acting growing up, and went to school for theatre. So thats something I’ve always thought about getting back into. But yet and still, you never know where your life may lead you. Like I said the possibilities are endless. Dreams do come true.

BM: Whats next for Troi?

TA: I want to be a name on the red carpet scene. Im trying to get A-listers under my belt. I want to be known as one of the best major fashion stylists. So i have to put in work. Im in my own lane. Im not focused on anything else or anyone else; just really trying to map out who i am and want to be as a fashion stylist. Im looking to get a new list of clientele in general. Thats where I’m at right now.

Instagram – @KingTroi
Facebook – King Troi Anthoni

Interviewed by: Britni Moore
Instagram: @IAmMaidenMonroe

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