“The Donald” Responds to Snoop Dogg


Twitter is on fire right now and once again it’s all because “The Donald” is having a moment! Earlier this week Snoop Dog released a video to his remix of ‘Lavender’ in which he can be seen aiming a toy gun at a clown-like Donald Trump and the POTUS wasn’t pleased at all! He did what has become another anticipated MO of the president and took to his personal twitter account and had this to say:



The rapper released the Badbadnotgood remix earlier this week. We are not surprised that Trump responded nor that he failed in an attempt to attack the free speech of anyone not in support of him. What we are surprised about is that specifically the “free speech” he has an issue with is the will of someone to shoot another person publicly without any consequences or repercussions as the president himself once proudly boasted as a feat!

On a more serious note let’s think about this for a minute here. When you think about The President of any country, you basically conceive the idea that this person is an extremely busy individual who has momentous responsibilities with i don’t know, being the sole person in charge of the well-being of millions, possibly billions of lives; how then do you have time to be on a social media platform responding to innuendos about you?

Last week mysteriously Trumps’ tax returns turned up in the public eye months after they had been requested to be revealed. Now that it has been released, it sheds the usually comical non-trusted president in the light of being (gulp) honest!

You would think that Trump would be more concerned with his financial affairs being under the public’s microscopic scrutiny than he is with being the jest to some some celebrity, but then again we are talking about a reality star turned POTUS!


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