2-Year Old Found Dead in Brandon Fla.


Gross negligence is the reason that 2-year old Jacob Manchengo is dead today. According to various news reports coming out of Brandon Florida, 21-year Fiorella Vanessa Silva-Tello reported for work at 9:30 am at her Daycare job and left her half brother alone in her Chevy Equinox.

Deputies in Brandon reported that Silva-Tello went into work at a daycare in the Oak Park Shopping Center in Brandon left Jacob in the vehicle for five hours without the air condition running forgetting that he was in the SUV. She didn’t discover what she did until more than five hours later when she returned to her vehicle and found her brother unresponsive.

McKinnon said Silva-Tello upon discovering Jacob’s lifeless body, took him to a nearby dialysis center where first aid was immediately administered to him, however he later died at the hospital after being rushed there by a Fire Rescue Crew.


Larry McKinnon, a Sheriff in the Hillsborough County said they questioned Silva-Tello for hours as they are looking into whether protective investigators have had prior contact with the family. Until a thorough investigation has been complete, no charges will be filed.

Silva-Tello returned home with her parents obscuring her face with her jacket from public view after leaving the Sheriff’s office after what must have been a horrific day of events, one we are certain will haunt her for the rest of her life having to live with the fact that her negligence cost her 2-year-old brother his life.

“It’s gut wrenching, physically debilitating, no way around it…..If you’re in that profession, you would think you’d have even more of a heightened sense of making sure this doesn’t happen,”Mckinnon said.

As to whether or not the 21-year old will be charged is still a question unanswered, as no further details have been released.

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