Grammys; One Stage, Many Platforms



The 59th annual Grammy Awards Ceremony highlighted multiple artists for their drive and dedication to their music. The usual crowd favorites swept up awards in their respective categories and newcomers shocked the world by taking home more awards than anyone could have foreseen. The main stage was full of speeches packed with gratitude, but some celebrities had an ulterior motive… (See More Inside…)

Concerned about the current state of our nation, stars like Laverne Cox and Busta Rhymes brought awareness to issues they felt needed more attention.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Show

As Cox began her introduction for the performance of Lady Gaga and Metallica, she encouraged viewers to google “Gavin Grimm.” Grimm, a Virginia teen, is a part of an upcoming Supreme Court case in which the topic of using public restrooms according to the gender listed on your birth certificate will be discussed. Cox, a male to female transgender, is a huge activist for LGBT rights, so it is no surprise that she decided to inform us on what exactly is going on within that particular community.


Other artists hinted at their distaste for our current president, but no one made their opposition to the new leader of the free world quite like Busta Rhymes. Calling Trump names like “President Agent Orange”, Busta made sure we all knew where his political stance.

Celebrities have such an influence on hundreds of thousands of people, so speaking out about issues such as these can truly set a pattern for change. Some would disagree with their actions, stating that celebs should leave their opinions on such topics at the door. What do you think? Are these celebrities doing the right thing, or are they adding too many platforms to the stage?

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