Remy Ma Drops “SHEther” Dissing Nicki Minaj


It’s nearly been 72 hours since we were all taken aback by the viciously laced lyrics of that bullet laden track aimed at Nicki Minaj called “Shether,” shot by Remy Ma. She came to snatch Brazilian barbie weaves, wigs, colorful cotton candy hair and all the illusions of a “mirage minaj” so you would know her poison is real and she did not come to play, she didn’t even leave the edges! (See more inside…)

It was a quiet and peaceful Saturday afternoon in “Webville” as bloggers scrambled for stories to write to entertain their million plus supporters around the globe when shots rang out and disrupted the internet tranquility; seven minutes of shots to be exact, Nicki Minaj had been wounded and her soul was slowly departing. “Shether” was released. For some, this was a surprise, but for those who had been following the ten year spanning fued between Minaj and Ma, it was a sigh of relief; finally, the subliminals and the innuendos had come to a head!

As the residents of Webville gathered their wits and the fans of both artist went to war with words under various posts from the entertainment websites, mainly between IG and Twitter, a few celebrities weighed in with their opinions on what had just happened. In the diss track, Remy Ma alleges that Nicki (despite “Only”) slept with both Canadian rapper Drake and her “mentor” Lil Wayne, in addition to several other industry men also implying that she cheated on her then boyfriend Meekmill with Hot97 Radio’s personality Ebro!

Remy spits:

“Mentioning guns, you Pussy Galore, James Bond
Only time you touch a trigga is when you fucked Trey Songz
Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro.”

“You said you never fucked Wayne, how stupid I look, B?
Get the picture, I’ll expose you, I’m kind of a bully
You named yourself Nicki Lewinsky, the mind of a rookie
‘Cause you was sucking his dick and now he tired of your nookie
You claimed you never fucked Drake, now that’s where you took me
You fucked the whole Empire, who you trying to be, Cookie?”

These lyrics had us all like:


Whiles we were all wagging our tongues anxiously waiting to hear Nicki’s usual rapid comeback, we were all disappointed when she finally spoke it was only to call out Trey Songz for not “directly” denying the alleged intimacy allegations.


In response to her “call out” Trey said what we all were screaming at her from behind our virtual devices, which was “She needed to be calling out Remy Ma!” after all it was her who made the allegations! However, that never happened all we got was more subliminal innuendos and shade thrown Remy’s way from Nicki.




Several celebrities weighed in on the beef including “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson who gave Remy Ma a thumbs up for bringing back “real hip hop” and Hot 97’s Radio station owner Peter Rosenberg.






Who knows how this will end, or if it even will, what we do know is Remy Ma is true to her word, If she wants to get at you, she will say your name, so don’t ever call for her first!

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