Mariah Destroys New Year’s Performance

2016 came to a screeching end with Dick Clarke‘s Annual New Year’s special. Just a few minutes before midnight, Mariah Carey possibly made history when she had the biggest performance fail of the 21st century.

All the world witnessed her lip sync fail, singing 3 selections and giving up on herself just a few seconds into the first song “Emotions”. The majority of what we heard was excuse after excuse from the icon, as she fidgeted with her earpiece and laughed nervously, barely singing any words at all. “We didn’t have a sound check for this New Year’s baby!” said Carey during her performance… See more inside…

However, we all also witnessed her backup dancers and stage crew execute perfectly, and not miss a beat. She was even talking to the backup dancers and not singing!

Her sparse attempt at recovery was telling the audience to sing the song because they know it. That might’ve worked, had her track not been played her most important, flute like and PRERECORDED high notes! She was lip syncing! That crowd went silent faster than the color left Carey’s perfectly beat face! Fair enough, back up tracks can be an artist’s best friend. It was obvious that the tracks were meant to carry Carey.
For the fans who couldn’t see the stage, the performance seemingly remained enjoyable. This was until Mariah sang “We Belong Together” and actually lowered the microphone from her mouth at least 3 or 4 times while her voice was still playing out the speakers. Mariah obviously knew the performance was long overdue to end, because she promptly walked off before the song was even over.

Sources say that Carey believes her performance was sabotaged by the producers. She claims that the show required her to wear in ear monitors which did not remit sound during the entire performance. Sources also claim Dick Clarke & Company intend to sue Mariah for the performance. They claim her accusations are “absurd”. They are still planning a course of action.
Mariah Carey still fully intends to do live performances in the future, and keeping a close watch on anyone on and off her team.

Article by: Britni Moore
Entertainment Journalist

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