Has Everybody Had Their Fill Of Trump? 

After getting over the initial shock of the recent presidential decision, it’s evident that all of us are gonna have to accept Donald Trump as new head of the executive branch. We have all seen during the course of his campaign his outright bluntness and we have all heard and read his controversial views and plans for this country. I understand the concept of freedom of speech but when can you finally put a cork into Donald Trump? See more inside…

Not only are we subjected to his often racist Twitter rants (I provided a couple of examples if you’ve forgotten the ignorance),  we have to deal with his many pinhead followers that take what Trump says to heart and have began to act out their deep-seated hatred for other minorities. I understand that we now have to make do with the electoral college’s decision, but hopefully we can come together on some key issues that we need Trump and his cabinet to focus on if they plan to run a government for “the People”. I’ve added some of the issues that are important to me, let me know how you feel about them.

  1. IMMIGRATION!– Since he’s so adamant about building a wall, why not create a stronger immigration reform? Stricter guidelines, better options for immigrants already here, something! This is the land of the free and plus NOBODY is gonna pay for this wall.
  2. Foreign policyTrump has to work on his relationship with other countries. Despite how he feels, we need to have strong, honest relationships with other countries. His PR rep really needs to work on his communication skills.
  3. Clean energy– His plan is really unclear on how he wants to go about providing Americans with an alternative source of energy. It’s imperative to the growth and development for our country.

I’m curious to know what you feel is an important issue that Trump needs to tackle? He will be our president in less than 30 days, so why not give him a little push to get his act together and show him that we mean business?

-The Anna J

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