#QTNA: So Is Chivalry Still Dead Or Nah?


We all know women who have been saying they want someone who will open and close doors, pay the check, pump gas and do everything else they feel “a man” should do. I agree to a certain extent but I mean come on it’s 2016. I do feel when you are low on gas and a man is around, he should pump gas that’s just common courtesy. As far as opening doors and paying for the check every time…  See more inside…

…I feel like that’s dead. Don’t get me wrong I do expect for a man to open the doors and pay for the check on the first date but have you ever tried turning the tables or doing as Usher suggest and “Trade Places?” This would surprise them and make them want to do more or maybe increase the level of respect they have for you. In this day and age we don’t do anything the same as the olden days. We are movers and shakers just like men. Women don’t just sit home and cook. We’re out here making major moves, striving for higher education, being single mothers and building our own empires. Women as a whole are evolving and our mentality should as well. So again is chivalry still dead or nah?



Article by: Ms. Lipstick

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